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You asked what I would use:

from - The Scripts - I would use: Word-of-mouth: Casual comment, Postcard scripts: party brand and candidate, Tweet (single) or thread (multiple), Instagram or Facebook post, single or multiple, and website content.

from - Spread the Word - I would use two: The Blurb (for my committee and organization newsletter, The Handout (To Print and distribute at meetings.) I'm not sure about of The Memo (I do not currently keep a briefing book - please explain.)

This looks like it will be helpful.

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I would most likely use:

Tweet - single and multiple

Facebook & Instagram single and multiple

Word of Mouth - casual comment

Thank you for putting this together in a purposeful way!

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"Back in the day," campaigns and orgs used to keep an actual three-ring binder full of message memos and position papers. They would use them to brief candidates before debates, or give to new staffers or consultants, anyone they needed to get up to speed on what they needed to know. Now, I guess you would just save it to a Google Drive folder! I worry that we are so out of the habit of training on messaging and maintaining message discipline that we don't even have systems for making sure everyone is operating out of the same playbook!

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You are killing it!

The distillation with which you organized and communicated this messaging template is pristine!


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All of the postcards that we (my various groups) write, come with scripts we are required to use. It would be a dream if you could consult with them (the various address suppliers) to make sure the messages they send us are concise and employ the known strategies that you and other messaging experts like George Lakoff, Heather McGhee, Anat Shenker-Osorio, etc recommend.

In general, I do see improvement in that area, but a unified play book would sure be swell.

Thanks for your work!!

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One topic I think Dems need to find a message for is how to reconcile higher wages (good) and the effect of higher wages on cost of goods (inflation). It’s relatively easy to lay out the case for higher wages but I think it’s an easy walk to then say “but won’t wages lead to higher prices?” And the short answer is yes but it’s nuanced, right…because if prices are held steady while wages increase, then profits fall (unless companies find ways to become more efficient in other areas to offset wage increases) and falling profits go against the “maximize shareholder value.”

Don’t get me wrong, I believe the shareholder-first mentality is wrong but if we argue against it, then the result is falling market evaluations of companies and the domino effect that this has on the stock market in general? Are we willing to see a 20% (randomly selected percent, btw) reduction in the market without people thinking that the sky is falling? Big business will lament the loss of value but could we argue that this loss of value is actually good for labor versus capital?

Hope this makes sense…

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Need something about curbing gun violence without making people think we want to take all their guns away. There's a lot I can say to someone but sometimes you need something short and sweet to post on social media or in the comments section. Something that everyone could agree on.

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