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we support public education because we see value in an educated public

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Once again, you've hit a progressive home run. What your post reminded me of Lakoff's PRIORITY of "uniting ideas" he laid out in Don't Think of an Elephant, Chapter 14, What Unites Progressives, section Ideas That Make Us Progressive, on page 137. The "priority" take away for me from that section was what to say in 30 seconds on an elevator.

"First, values coming out of a basic progressive vision"

"Second, principles that realize progressive values"

"Third, policy directions that fit the values and principles"

Here's my lead paragraph to an three organization collaboration group creating a survey for mid-western mayors about what resources they have to teach youth civic engagement and human rights education.

Empathy is the soul of our republic and its democratic institutions, nurturing families caring for each other, and teaching one another about human rights, leading to “life, liberty, and security of (all) persons.” Cruelty is the soul of autocracy, strict father families competing with each other, ignoring human rights, leading to “disregard and contempt for human rights (that) have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind.”

As Dr. Lakoff says quite often empathy or lack there of must become the center of debate.

One of your bullet points that I would push back on is the word "politicize." Since empathy is the soul of democracy, which IS political, conservatism must dismantle all things empathic and political. I would argue that "autocracizing public education" is what autocrats do versus "politicizing public education." Public education by its nature of being public IS political. What we want in public education is a politics of care, which is what strong, diverse communities of nurturing families do. We care for each other. And public education is meant to teach us how to care for one another publicly.

You and your readers are always welcome at our weekly forums. Our 2nd trimester 10-week forum will explore Dr. Lakoff's THE LITTLE BLUE BOOK and begins on April 19th. The schedule and enrollment information is at https://proempathy.us/schedule.

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You're entirely welcome! I agree with you about the term "politicize." It shouldn't be a pejorative. I just forget sometimes! We don't really have a term that effectively differentiates between a good faith effort to find a solution using the political process, and the use of the political debate to further a partisan agenda at the expense of solving said problem.

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