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Matthew 25:40

'I assure you: Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.'

Now that's empathy

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Even in the business community cooperation is important. Think supply chain and distribution networks. WW2, too.

However, the Amazons and Walmarts use monopsony power (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/monopsony.asp) to control costs and increase profits at the expense of small businesses.

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In response to a lot of feedback here and elsewhere about the word empathy:

Yeah, empathy is one of those words that nobody is really certain what they mean. It's​ ​a word I don't recommend we use in our political communication. It is however a pretty important word in terms of our understanding of what is important to us.

I use it to mean that we humans are both capable of, and naturally inclined toward, feeling with other people. We have these mirror neurons. We see feelings in others, and we just sort of feel what they're feeling. I'm not even sure it's voluntary. We have this capacity to imagine how we would feel if we were them. This runs counter to the portrayal of humans as being primarily self-interested creatures, who only perceive others as competitors in a fight for survival.

I don't think love is the right word. It's way too vague. Besides, we don't necessarily love other people. But we do empathize with them.

I don't know what other word would express the extent to which we can - because we are aware of our own fragility and need and loneliness and joy etc - see other human beings and recognize in them that nugget of value, of self worth, that we each hold so dearly and protect so desperately in ourselves. It is the ability to recognize that in others that is the source of the value we place in others, and the thing that motivates us to join in friendships and families and communities, and to help each other and work together and all that.

The dictionary definition,​"​Imaginative projection of one's own consciousness​" is pretty close. I would maybe say, "the innate tendency of human beings to recognize in others the value they place in themselves." I also think that a great deal of hate and violence stem from a lack or loss of self-worth.

I just don't know how else to say that. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

In terms of political communications, I like to stick to the common-language phrases about us all being "in this together," about "caring/giving a damn what happens to other people" or "being a good neighbor" and so on.

Anyway, this is always a work in progress. We just have to keep working at it!

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Love the summary. However, it would be stronger if you exchanged the focus on empathy for a focus on the fact that cooperation works better and is more beneficial than competition. Humanity is a complex, highly developed species of social, interdependent beings. Given the attributes and abilities of this species the cooperative model is more successful for both the species and for individual members of the species.

Empathy sounds like an emotion and it sounds weak. In the academic sense it is not, but in common parlance it has a different connotation. It may be what motivates our platform but is motivation a gpod reason to choose a platform?

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Great summary of our core values!

Thank you!

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It was a good read for me to remember my core values as a proud Democrat. I will not fall into the blame game trap, I can only espouse these core values that I agree with.

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