Wonderful as always. I have cross-posted. I hope you're getting some new subscribers from cross-posting. I wished that diagram you had at the beginning, which had left on the left and right on the right, had been a vertical bar with cruelty - empathy deficit at the bottom and empathy surplus at the top. And then what got moved to would be moved to above the center. I cringed at BIG, ACTIVE GOVERNMENT. Would have liked Active Effective Government or Muscular Caring Government better. Keep up the great work.

I hope progressive candidates will consider focusing on GOVERNING VERSUS WINNING. Invite pro-empathy voters to consider joining the candidate's SHOE SQUAD to wear candidate badges and attend voter public meetings, i.e., city council, school board, etc. SHOE - Show up. Help govern your community. Organize. Empathize.

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Great piece, thank you! I'm constantly amazed at how many "liberals" complain that Biden is "too moderate." I'm like, um, have you actually LOOKED at his policies? The things he's doing? He's the most radically progressive president we've maybe ever had. People are so easily snowed by surface presentation. In some ways that's super helpful to Dems, but their own base miss the point a lot of the time, sadly (at least the members of that base who don't look at policy but just want someone who gives good speeches they like).

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