Notes: Trump's performance should be compared with incumbents, in which case these results were dreadful and should be covered as so.

Former President results:

Reagan ran unopposed in 1984.

George H.W. Bush ran unopposed in 1992.

Bill Clinton got 98% in 1996.

George W. Bush ran unopposed in 2004.

Obama ran unopposed in 2012.

Trump got 97% in 2020.

This year he got 51%.

In 1980, Jimmy Carter had a serious opponent in Ted Kennedy, but still got 59%.

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Very interesting numbers. Thanks for posting them. I really would not have guessed.

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Right on, Antonia! Plus only 15% of voters went out into the cold. And the threat of retaliation from the Faux Trump supporters hasn’t been mentioned by the pundits. They talk about the possible violence but teally don’t give it much credence. If any person throws their meal plates across the room, they would probably get psychological care. That type of behavior ought to disqualify him alone.

Although I did enjoy all the coverage my old high school in Ottumwa, Iowa got on MSNBC.

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What do we do to help people who have been conservative or Republican all their lives, and also see Trump as somewhat toxic (but through a different filter, not AS toxic as most of us do), to weigh their life-long loyalties against his toxicity and see the toxicity as heavier?

How do we help people who are currently voting against Trump to self-identify with their current choice, and not have their current thoughts erode away between now and November?

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How would you have given us this information in a truth sandwich?

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Jan 16·edited Jan 16Author

This already is the bread in the "truth sandwich."

The "lie" that we would have to sandwich is the part where this is some kind of huge win for Trump, such as the claim that he won by the biggest margin in Iowa Caucus history - which is only true if you don't include incumbents.

The problem with the truth sandwich is that you don't really need it. You don't ever have to include the "meat." Just roll with all bread.

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