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I liked your article on reframing the debt ceiling. That theme about “being a man” touched a nerve and dovetailed into my thoughts on effective messaging. I’m not a messaging guru, but as a salesguy, I learned that if you want to move someone to act, find the right buttons to push. By addressing one directly, using the second-person pronoun, it often gets a prompt reply or reaction. A favorite example is the WW1 call-to-action war poster, “I WANT YOU.” Another effective example was, “Crooked Hilary”.

Specific words and concepts with outsized power such as honor, pride, trust, loyalty, patriotism, respect, courage, and honesty, when used in the second person, can/will spark a reaction. When Donald Trump said, “If you don't fight like hell you're not going to have a country anymore,” he challenged the listeners' patriotism, their manhood, their courage. We all saw the result of those 14 words.

Is our messaging too cerebral, too soft, too easy to ignore? I think much of it is. Perhaps too much?

“Poke the bear”.

What are your thoughts on poking people’s loyalty, conscience, patriotism, etc, to get attention? Should we be taking a hint from the Republican playbook by calling out, by name, the bad actors and the bad messages (lies)?

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I was thinking about the "responsibility" issue. My point is the American people are responsible for electing the conservative economic terrorists. Through apathy and ignorance our society elected congressional representatives who care only about receiving donations from wealthy corporations and individuals so that they set their agenda on tax breaks and social spending cuts. We will reap what they sow until 2024. I am thankful that we may be able to stop the havoc in the senate. Thanks for a thoughtful article,

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Artfully done, Antonia! Loved it! What about the word "promise" as in "if we do not honor the contracts (and promises) we have made..." Isn't a debt a promise just like Social Security and Medicare are a intergenerational promise? Just a thought...

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Happy 75th UDHR Anniversary. You can always count on Antonia to frame her posts with a commitment to America's ideal community of strong, diverse, responsible nurturing parent families caring for each other. Order your complimentary copy of the Illustrated Universal Declaration of Human Rights at www.empathysurplus.com.

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