We need funding directed at smart professionals like Antonia Scatton and Celinda Lake to conduct focus groups that are highly revealing n truth seeking, n not interrupted for political reasons by a F Luntz.

I love Antonia's analysis. This student loan relief issue is about whether we want to live in a highly divided society ruled by mistrust n with, for instance, no police or fire dept helping a neighbor in need, OR we want to live in a truly interconnected, diverse and empathetic society where most have an opportunity to thrive.

Sometimes we relieve debts of hardworking people for the good of the economy n society as a whole. We also do it to build a more empathetic society that values cooperation. We don t have to compete against each other 24/7.

We say someone wins n WE ALL win n it s the right n decent thing to do!!! The other side preaches radical individualism n that everything is a zero-sum game. A former low-income student wins, hence you (white male who may have been saved by PPP debt relief) loses.

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Thank you!

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The focus group discussion was interesting! “Hold on. Hold on...” very telling. I wonder if there’s video of it because I’d like to see it.

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