This is so so good. Sharing widely. Thank you.

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Dec 7, 2023Liked by Antonia Scatton

thanks for the narrative...it's a great start to the conversation. if we are permitted to "add" to the context, here's how I'd add a narrative -- when it comes to working conditions and workers' rights -- why are these CEOs and billionaires soooo averse and hostile toward workers unionizing? it's certainly not because the companies can't "afford" to pay/compensate their workers with better wages and/or benefits...it's because they're billionaires and they want to hoard their money... so let's talk about capitalism and market expectations...because companies who say (despite the ridiculous profiteering going on today) they can't afford higher wages or better benefits...it's because it'll hurt their profit margins which, in turn, hurts their earnings (per share) which causes their stock to dip and their billionaire investors and CEOs with hundreds of millions in stock options to lose a few million... well boo f***ing hoo... they wouldn't have the wealth in the first place if not for the workers who built it...so stop being so damn stingy and selfish and grow the wealth by sharing all that profitability with those who helped get you there.

(stepping down off soapbox now) 😀

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Dec 4, 2023Liked by Antonia Scatton

Brilliant! Worth the wait!

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