Reframing America is about questioning the assumptions in our public debate that restrict our thinking, and proposing new and better ways of talking about what’s happening in our country and in our lives.

We all know that we have to “fix’ Democratic messaging, but there’s a lot more going on here than just winning elections. The corporate/religious right-wing has taken over our public debate in a way that is corrosive to the entire fabric of society. We (and by “we” I mean all people in America who care what happens to each other) need to find a way to articulate a positive way forward for the whole idea of cooperative and democratic civil society.

BUT - in order to capture the attention of the public, we have to find a way to provoke the debates we should be having, and that means figuring out how to frame our issues, how to push the right buttons with hope instead of hate and with mutual support instead of fear. We can’t repeat the process of what the corporate/religious right-wing has done over the past fifty years, we have to reverse it.

I hope this can be the place to have the conversation about how we go about doing that most difficult but necessary work. Please join me.


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Antonia Scatton is an expert in messaging and framing and a protege of messaging guru George Lakoff. Learn more about Antonia at